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Ark 1 Pink Drink - The Miracle Supplement

We hope that you are all staying home and staying safe during this very difficult crisis. It is in all our interests to be responsible, particularly towards those of our people that are most vulnerable.

As a key company supporting people's health and wellbeing Arkworld is still supporting it's distributors and customer base in the UK & U.S with only minor delays to deliveries.

It is worth recapping the benefits of this amazing product during this challenging period to our health.

The drink requires only cold water and a 6g serving of the fine Pink Drink powder. As a health supplement it is best taken 1 hour before or after eating but can be used throughout the day whenever it's required. We recommend 2 Pink Drinks a day, one first thing in the morning and one last thing at night which helps to fully recharge the body during the Delta sleep period allowing you to start the next day with a sharp mental focus.

You may find that Ark 1 Pink Drink suppresses appetite. This is related to it's unique pre-digested formulation that allows 'stomach dumping'. This means the drink is not absorbed by the stomach, instead it is flushed straight into the intestine where almost all of it is absorbed. This feature of the Ark 1 Pink Drink is useful for anyone to lose weight safely alongside their usual healthy diet.

Ark 1 Pink Drink contains 6g L'Arginine which is an Amino Acid that converts to a gas molecule called Nitric Oxide in the blood system, a process called ADNO - Arginine Derived Nitric Oxide. In 1998 this discovery concerning Nitric Oxide won the Nobel Prize in medicine. Books like 'The Arginine Solution' claim extensive health benefits from taking 6 grams of Arginine on a daily basis, including its role with circulation and heart disease. It has been reported to help with; heart disease, high blood pressure, injury, long term memory, energy, erectile dysfunction, cholesterol issues and many other circulatory and cardiovascular problems and much much more. Nitric Oxide has become known as 'God's Atom' due to it's incredible natural ability to clean up the bodies Arteries and allow blood to flow easier and with less stress on the heart. This is due to it softening the smooth cells in the Artery wall which allows them to 'flex' which helps to lower blood pressure and alleviates stress on the heart.

It is these incredible properties that combine with Arginine's natural property to enhance anti-microbial peptides (AMPS's) which are effective anti-bacterial agents, which also can have antiviral, antifungal and antitumor activities. This becomes a solid support structure in the bloodstream that bolsters your normal defences.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to leave your details with us on our main contact page using this LINK.

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