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Best deal on Cisco Meraki MX64W-HW

Meraki | MX64W-HW | Meraki MX64W Cloud Managed Security Appliance with 802.11ac

We would like to introduce you to the simply superb Cisco Meraki range of Cloud Managed Security Appliances. Seen here is the Meraki MX64W-HW which once installed by a simple process can be managed from anywhere in the world that has an internet connection.

The Meraki Dashboard located on the Cloud makes even the most complex of site configurations into a simple task which is handled by working on the easy to navigate GUI. The Cisco Meraki MX64 Security Appliance + Integrated Wireless award-winning wireless technology with the powerful MX network security features in a compact form factor ideal for branch offices or small enterprises.

Cisco Meraki MX64 Key Features Stateful firewall throughput: 200mbps Supports approximately up to 50 users

Discreet, economical form factor

Managed centrally over the web Classifies applications, users and devices Zero-touch, self-provisioning deployments The Meraki's technical specifications are also proving to be a World beating standard:- Cisco Meraki MX64 - Technical Specifications

Networking and security

Stateful firewall Auto VPN™ self-configuring site-to-site VPN Active Directory integration Identity-based policies Client VPN (IPsec)3G / 4G failover via USB modem

Traffic shaping and application management

Layer 7 application visibility and traffic shaping Application prioritization

Advanced security services

Content filtering Google SafeSearch and YouTube for Schools Intrusion prevention (IPS)Antivirus and anti-phishing filtering Requires Advanced Security License

Network and Security Services

Stateful firewall, 1:1 NAT, DHCP, DMZ, static routing Identity-based policies Auto VPN™ self-configuring site-to-site VPN Client VPN (IPsec)User and device quarantine VLAN support and DHCP services

WAN Performance Management

WAN link aggregation Application level (Layer 7) traffic analysis and shaping Automatic Layer 3 failover (including VPN connections)WAN uplink selection based on traffic typeNote: web caching is not available on MX64 or MX64W models

Monitoring and Management

Web based management and configuration Throughput, connectivity monitoring and alerts Network asset discovery and user identification Built-in network-wide reporting, monitoring and alerts Centralized policy management Real-time diagnostic and troubleshooting over the web Automatic firmware upgrades and security patches Searchable network-wide event logs


WAN: 1 × 1 GbE LAN: 4 × 1 GbE (1 optionally available for WAN connectivity)USB: 1 × USB 2.0 for 3G/4G failover (supported devices)


Stateful firewall throughput: 200 Mbps VPN throughput: 70 Mbps Recommended for small branches (up to 50 users)


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