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Modest Islamic Womens Swimwear (Made for Muslims)

With a large following in the North West of England we're constantly focusing on the importance of providing products and services to as many communities and faiths as possible. When we had the challenge from the Jewish community to ensure the capsules in our Arkworld Nutrition range contained no Shellfish ingredients, we made sure the formulation was improved by the manufacturer. Now with the increasing interest in the Fashion ranges we're making available to the market we've ensured we're making swimwear available to Islamic women and those items of swimwear are fully acceptable within their community and faith.

As more and more Islamic girls are getting involved in sporting competition it's more important then ever that they can find the clothing they need to support their training. With swimming being such a great way to stay in shape the new Modest women's swimwear range is going to be an important focus for Islamic ladies for years to come. Ibtihaj Muhammad was the first Muslim-American woman to compete for her country wearing a Hijab.

To the left you can see the new Sporting Hijabs which allow Muslim women to compete in top sports for the first time ever without having to breach the laws of their faith or be excluded from the sport for breaches of rules for changing or adapting the sports uniform.

The new Modest swimwear ranges even feature bright but acceptable styling that is attractive but does not attract undue attention. #Hijab #SportsHijab #ModestSwimwear #IslamicSwimwear #MuslimSwimwear #Swimming #ArkworldNutrition

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