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Quick ways to keep Spiders at Bay!

False Widow Spider
False Widow Spider

As nights start drawing in and the leaves change colour, we start to enjoy those cosy nights in snuggled up with a glass of red and our loved ones. There's little doubt that autumn is upon us. However, with this change of season comes an element that many of us find less desirable – the annual migration of spiders from our gardens to our homes as they search for a mate.

As the spiders flee dropping temperatures outside and travel further afield in search of a mate, autumn represents the time of year you're most likely to encounter an unwanted spider scuttling around your home. With over 1000 species of Spider worldwide and an unwanted high stat of 650 species in the UK, you might want to learn how to deter their entry to your abode if they're a less than welcome sight! Luckily there are several humane ways to deal with the little pests!

Our first choice is the incredible Original Spider Catcher, this humance device allows you to reach the corners of the room and the ceiling as well. It's innovative design allows you to easily catch Spiders, Moths and Crane flies, then release them back into the wild. Click the picture to get your own Original Spider Catcher! If you're looking for a slightly less energetic way of dealing with Spiders, why not use a totally passive and environmentally friendly method! Essential Oils! Simply use Peppermint oils combined with include tea-tree, lavender, rose and cinnamon. Make up a zesty spray that you can use around windows, on the back of curtains and if you like leaving the back door open, around the door frame. For a longer term approach you can use an Essential Oil Diffuser that will provide a cool misty aroma to keep the rooms fresh and Spiders at bay! This smaller design is great for keeping larger family rooms fresh and free of unwanted guests! Just click the picture to get your own!

And of course the final solution! Short of locking the windows and doors to keep them out while the family boils in these sweltering temperatures that are troubling the UK..... Simply use a simply Insect Mesh over your open windows. The mesh is easily cut to size and secured in place with velcro tape that allows you to open and close the window or door before sealing the mesh in place to keep insects and Spiders outside.

We hope you find these simple methods useful to make your home environment a little more comfortable without the unwanted Arachnids! #SpiderRepellent #SpiderDeterrent

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