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Slow Broadband? Your prayers have been answered!

Many of us choose the quiet life of rural life and cleaner air but we all require that link back to the rest of the world and in the modern world, that connection is Broadband!

Sadly in so many areas the copper network has never been uplifted to a satisfactory condition so low grade jointing and poor cable health leave us with slow and unreliable Broadband connections. I don't believe any of us want to wait a short eternity to get Fibre to the premises (FTTP), so what is the answer you ask? Simply turn your gaze from your old Broadband connection to the 4G EE Network that can provide you with a fast and reliable connection whether you're at Home or on the Move! This is a fantastic opportunity for people that struggle to get their Wifi signal working at home or perhaps you're a Networker that works with groups of people for training, presentations or Sign Ups? Either way it's a wonderful solution to a serious problem and now that problem has been solved!

Be sure to leave your details on our Contact Page and we will ensure you're provided with the information you need to access this fantastic service. #EE #EE4GMobileBroadband

#ReliableBroadband #HighSpeedBroadband

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