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Why are my Bills so high?

Concerned about your monthly utility bill?

You should be! Many people in the UK are not exactly wonderful at managing their money. Worse, they don't follow the upward trend of market prices. In addition to our basic flaws as human beings that are enjoying our lives in real time and Bills are one of those annoying distractions of 'adulting' that get in the way of pleasure, we're simply not great at dealing with changing providers or 'Switching' as it's now known. Why is it important to Switch when the provider is taking advantage of you?

This is simply down to a simple marketing trick that's played by every Utility company whether they provide your Gas or Electric or possibly both under a Dual Fuel deal. You will sign up to a contract that is either Flexible (Subject to price change) or Fixed (Price stays the same for a period of months/years). This contract makes you their customer until the contract period expires! That's when the price games start. As soon as you are out of your current contract, paying whatever the original agreed price was depending on your contract, you've now slipped across into 'Evergreen Quarterly Billing'.

This is the highest tariff they can put you on and you will stay as their customer with them providing your Household energy on this new high tariff until you change provider and get a much better deal! It's simply in your hands to fix the problem yourself. They are not going to call you to offer you a deal when this happens, after all they're making more money out of you being too lazy to look for a better deal! So how to Switch?

Well there are many companies to choose from and all will appear on the basic comparison sites for you. Is there an alternative? Yes! Let us do the search for you! Simply leave your details through this webpage. We will do the search for you, finding you a selection of the best deals and possibly with added bonuses like Home Broadband units or £100 of shopping vouchers.

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