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Yoga Discipline - Related products

With so many of our Ark 1 Pink Drink customers using either Pole Fitness or Yoga to stay in shape we thought we should revisit the basics of our customer base and help them to find some useful products. We've identified a great Yoga Mat that is available in 8 cool colours and is hard wearing for permanent home use. The Toplus quality design means it has the perfect amount of cushioning for long periods of exercise but also features a non-slip top and anti-skid bottom surface. It's design is PVC free which makes it environmentally friendly and safer if you have an animal in the house that's likely to chew.

This product currently has a £9 discount active and is worth a look. It's design features a carrying strap and it's suitable for many exercises including Yoga, Pilates and Gymnastics. It's dimensions are 183cm x 61cm and it's thickness is 0.6cm.

Another great little product is the Proworks Large Yoga Mat, a little cheaper than the Toplus product and with a cool carrying handle that makes it easy to take with you when on the move.

We've featured this product as a second option because of the great price but also because it's slightly thicker for added comfort and comes in 6 great colours. It's dimensions are 183cm x 60cm and it's thickness is 1cm. A lady is never properly dressed for a Yoga class without her favourite Yoga pants. We've found these fantastics Yoga Sports Pants that are available in 5 sizes and across a range of 25 patterns and colours!

With a pattern or colour for almost every occasion that you train, be it with friends, the Yoga class you take or attend, this range has a style that you can be comfortable wearing.

The Flyily Yoga pants range is also pretty special with many amazing patterns to impress your friends. In the range they have 14 colours and designs in 4 sizes. This range is slightly less likely to yield the perfect fit on your first purchase as reviews have shown that 1 in 4 customers did not get the size right the first time round but there are otherwise no complaints against what is otherwise an excellent product.

Continuing our Yoga feature we would be in serious error if we were to ignore the recent sock revolution! These Yoga socks are excellent for all types of indoor exercise whether it be Yoga, Ballet or Dance. They have the stylish Ballet theme and give sufficient grip to allow confidence in any move due to their anti-skid soles. There are 5 colour packs to choose from and they come in 1 size.

To finish this post we've added in the useful Heath Yoga blocks. They're made of a dense foam that allows them to be used in a range of exercises and they come with a bonus strap to increase the range of exercises. The blocks can easily be wiped free of sweat and will remain odourless. They measure 23 by 15 by 7.8 cm and come in 4 great colours. #YogaDiscipline #YogaMat #YogaExercise

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