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Ark1 Pinkdrink L'Arginine

Ark 1 - The Pink Drink®

Pink Power with 'The Pink Drink'

As seen on TV!

Arguably the only Pre-digested Nutritional Arginine Product in the world that through an exclusive delivery system, called ‘Stomach Dumping’, converts to Nitric Oxide and enters the vascular system to be used by the body within 20 minutes!

10 years ahead of the competition!
No other product comes close!
You won’t believe the results!

Nutritional L-Arginine Dietary Food Supplement.

Ark 1 – The Pink Drink is an Arginine rich, nutritional dietary supplement, targeted to your body’s special needs, providing nutritional insurance to support a lifetime of good health, well being and vitality.

Ark 1 – The Pink Drink comes in the form of a delicious tropical fruit flavoured drink, convenient and easy to use.

It is recommended to be taken 2 times daily in conjunction with a well balanced diet and fits easily into the busy lifestyle so many of us lead.

FDA approved and regulated in a State of the Art facility!
Ark 1 – The Pink Drink
 is an all natural revolutionary product; the only one of its kind!​

FACT FILE: 'The Pink Drink'...

  1. The only Pre-Digested Nutritional Arginine product that converts to Nitric Oxide and is used by the body within 20 minutes of drinking it.

  2. According to the book ‘The Arginine Solution’ Arginine Derived Nitric Oxide (ADNO) may help with the following... (High blood pressure, circulation, angina, heart disease, strokes, blood clots, erectile dysfunction, lowers cholesterol, Increases the Immune System, helps nerve cells to communicate with the brain, increases long term memory, helps the lung airways, helps and prevents diabetes, attacks cancer cells, opens arteries and increase blood flow, increases energy, increases human growth hormone (HGH), promotes lean muscle mass, health and vitality and much, much more...)

  3. All Natural Product with the Best High Quality Raw Materials and a cGMP (Current Good manufacturing Practises) stamp of approval.

  4. Exclusive Arginine Alpa-Ketagluterate Delivery System.

  5. Developed and designed after 30 years of tests, trials and case studies and on the back of Nobel Prize Winning Science.

  6. Pharmaceutically Graded with NO artificial dyes or colours.

  7. Formulated in Arkworld’s State of the Art laboratories approved and regulated by the FDA (Food And Drug Administration)

  8. Low Glycemic, Safe & Effective; can be used alongside medication.

  9. Taken with Arkworld’s Ark 2 – Micro provides the exclusive Micro Nutrition to aid with cellular healing and repair.

  10. Tens of thousands of successful testimonials from all over the world since first released. The Pink Drink – Simply the Best!

Directions for Use & Serving Suggestions

Take ¾ of a scoop (10 grams) of the delicious tropical flavoured Pink Drink in 250ml of water to taste, 2 times a day. (Morning and either afternoon or at night)

Do not take with food! Take one hour away from food either side for best results.

For best Human Growth Hormone release, take one of your two daily servings at night just before bedtime.

For sports people, athletes and bodybuilders: Try taking double scoop Pink Drinks 3 times a day with an extra double Pink Drink 45 minutes before training for increased blood flow and the best results possible!

NET WEIGHT: 600g ℮ per container

ADNO - Arginine Derived Nitric Oxide

In 1998, a team of scientists won the Nobel Prize in medicine for their discoveries about a gas molecule called Nitric Oxide. Nitric Oxide ('The Miracle Molecule') is a powerful vasodilator, which simply means, it helps to keep your arteries open and helps maintain their smooth, Teflon like texture so blood can flow normally.

Your body uses Arginine, an Amino Acid we absorb from food, to produce Nitric Oxide. The problem however, is that people with or at risk from Heart Disease, that ability may be impaired. On top of that, as explained in Micro Nutrition – The Cutting Edge, it is also about cellular healing and absorption at a cellular level. Therefore, it is the cells of the body that have to be repaired, as most disease takes place at a cellular level.

Arkworld has led the way in this field for the last decade with the famous arginine and nutritional product called Ark 1 – The Pink Drink. With tens of thousands of people receiving the most incredible product results from using this product, it’s fair to say that the real proof is in the eating.

Ark 1 – The Pink Drink used in conjunction with Ark 2 - Micro is part of Arkworld's exclusive Micro Nutrition product line. Combine these products together you have an easily digestible and highly absorbable Micro Nutritional package second to none!


The Pink Drink is an incredibly effective product taken on its own; however, it is also available in the following innovative Arkworld Packs...


ARK MICRO 2 PACK (The Pink Drink + Micro)

Micro Nutrition: (Cellular Healing & vascular repair) for greater absorption and Increased results...


ARK MULTI PACK (The Pink Drink + Micro + X-Cell)

Micro Nutrition & Rapid Repair: Anti-Aging Pack (Cellular Healing & vascular repair) for greater absorption and increased results with the 3 A’S of Healing...


ARK MEGA PACK (The Pink Drink + Micro + X-Cell + Super Ark Food + Inferno)

Micro Nutrition, Rapid Repair & Weight Control: Anti-Aging Weight Control Pack (Cellular Healing & vascular repair) for greater absorption and increased results with the 3 A’S of Healing and the New ShipShape Weight Control Product Line...

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