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Ark 4 - ShipShape (Super Ark Food)®


Arguably the Greatest Meal Replacement & Protein Shake in the World!

No hunger pains, just good looking gains!

The healthiest, most effective and scientifically advanced weight control meal replacement and protein shake ever designed! The complete healthy meal with exclusive blends, key nutrients and a new source of protein called Protalyn (Enzymatic Hybrid Protein) that has a tried and tested higher efficiency rate than any other protein on the market today! The difference is staggering.

12 Years in the Making! The ShipShape Weight Control Phenomenon is here! - ‘Get into ShipShape’ with the ShipShape Shake!

Nutritional Shake Mix designed for Weight Control & Healthy Nutrition

Ark 4 – ShipShape Super Ark Food Nutritional Shake Mix is a meal replacement unlike any other on the market today, containing 210 calories per meal of the highest quality and balanced nutrition possible, anti-oxidants, fibre, botanicals, exclusive Ark Blends and a Patent Pending protein called ProtaLyn (Enzymatic Hybrid Protein) to provide the most healthy and effective meal in a glass ever created for sustained energy and well being!

Ark 4 – ShipShape Super Ark Food comes in the form of a delicious Vanilla Cream flavoured drink; convenient and easy to use.

The Most Versatile Product of its kind... Follow the ShipShape Weight Control 2-2-1 Diet Plan (2 shakes, 2 Fat Burners and 1 Meal a day!) & enjoy as a healthy breakfast, lunch or dinner for your good health and effective weight control, or use as a protein and nutritional training aid for Sports people, athletes and bodybuilders.

Best Value Product of its kind at half the price and twice the size!

Lose Weight with ShipShape!

Enzymatic Hybrid Protein (New Science)

Ark 4 – ShipShape Super Ark Food Nutritional Shake Mix is a Meal Replacement, unlike any other on the market today that has taken over 7 years to develop from concept to finished product. As well as being the healthiest and most effective Meal Replacement and protein shake ever produced, it also contains a source of protein that is completely unique.

This revolutionary new patent pending protein is called ProtaLyn® (Enzymatic Hybrid Protein) which has a higher efficiency rate than any other protein on the market today. Simply put, ProtaLyn is absorbed & digested very quickly, therefore, less is more, resulting in much greater results. This is not just effective for those people who wish to lose or control weight, but also for sports people, athletes and bodybuilders alike! Nowhere will they find a better or more effective protein source!

Arkworld scientists have worked long and hard utilizing the most advanced science known to man to develop a perfect protein by finding a way to pump more of this muscle-building compound into your body through “Hybrid Enzymatic Peptide Processing”. This brand new protein technology is derived from our patent pending process using enzymatic reaction during the liquid phase before drying. The ‘Hybrid’ is formed by the reaction of milk and grain protein extracts resulting in the finished product called ProtaLyn®.

This new protein is so advanced that it outperforms all other protein sources and gives the ShipShape Shake a scientific edge over everyone else. Use this product in conjunction with the pioneering fat burning product Ark 5 – ShipShape Inferno for even greater results!


FACT FILE: 'ShipShape Super Ark Food'...

  1. The healthiest, most versatile & most effective Meal Replacement & Protein shake ever made using Hybrid Enzymatic Peptide Enzyme Technology! A New scientific breakthrough in weight control!

  2. The Best Protein Source in the world with the new revolutionary protein called ProtaLyn giving a scientific edge and a higher efficiency rate than any other protein on the market today! (Protalyn – Enzymatic Hybrid Protein has been clinically shown to increase nitrogen utilization & retention, Improve endocrine hormone response, increase immune function, increase gastrointestinal health, Increase muscle growth, Increase digestibility and absorption outperforming all other protein sources on the market today making this the perfect protein choice above all other proteins!) Another Arkworld first in scientific discoveries!

  3. The Best complete ALL NATURAL balanced meal on the market...(With 24 grams of protein, 23 vitamins & minerals, fibre, exclusive fruit, vegetable, legume, bean and pro-biotic Ark Blends using the Best High Quality Raw Materials with a cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practises) stamp of approval). The best by far!

  4. New Patented Protein Source with Enzymatic Hybrid Protein!

  5. Formulated by Arkworld’s Chief Executive Scientist Dr jeff Golini PhD using a new Patent Pending Process called ‘Enzyme Production’ we have been able to achieve the impossible! A world first!

  6. Pharmaceutically Graded! NO artificial flavours, dyes or colours!

  7. Formulated in Arkworld’s State of the Art labs, approved, regulated by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

  8. No hunger pains, just good looking gains! (No counting calories!)

  9. Try the Ark ShipShape Pack and use this easy to take delicious shake alongside the revolutionary fat burner Ark 5 –ShipShape Inferno!

  10. 12 years in the making and Light years ahead of the competition! Brand new and already thousands of incredible success stories!

Ark 4 – ShipShape Super Ark Food works effectively on its own as a Meal Replacement; however, it’s also available in the following innovative Arkworld Packs...


ARK SHIPSHAPE PACK (Super Ark Food + Inferno)

Weight Control & Healthy Nutrition: New ShipShape Weight Control Product Line for Weight Loss & Fat Burning,, Healthy Living, Sports Performance and Bodybuilding...


ARK MEGA PACK (The Pink Drink + Micro + X-Cell + Super Ark Food + Inferno)

Micro Nutrition, Rapid Repair & Weight Control: Anti-Aging Weight Control Pack (Cellular Healing & vascular repair) for greater absorption and increased results with the 3 A’S of Healing and the New ShipShape Weight Conrtol Product Line...


Directions for Use & Serving Suggestions

Enjoy a ShipShape Shake every day as a healthy meal.

Mix 2 scoops of the delicious vanilla cream flavoured shake (52 grams) in 250 ml of water to taste. Only 1 scoop (26 grams) is required if used in semi-skimmed milk. To be used as part of a balanced and varied diet in line with a healthy lifestyle.

For sports people, athletes and bodybuilders: The ShipShape Shake with its patented new protein source is a perfect protein choice for all those wishing to get a competitive edge. Try 2 - 4 scoops 3 times a day between meals.

ShipShape Weight Control Daily Diet Plan Formulas:

Weight Control/Loss: 2 2 1
Take 2 ShipShape Shakes; 2 ShipShape Inferno Capsules & 1 healthy meal of your choice.

Health & Weight Maintenance: 1 2 2
Take 1 ShipShape Shake; 2 ShipShape Inferno Capsules & 2 healthy meals of your choice.

Weight Gain: 3 2 3
Take 3 ShipShape Shakes; 2 ShipShape Inferno Capsules & 3 healthy meals of your choice.


NET WEIGHT: 1040g ℮ per container


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