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Ark 3 - X-Cell (The Purple Pill)®

Purple Pill Power with X-Cell!

The Youth Pill – The Mark of X-Cellence!

One of the most powerful and researched products in the world to date, X-Cell with its double patents stands alone as an Anti-Aging product that through its magical ingredient Kre-Celazine not only alkalises the body but leads the way in the fight against inflammation in the body.

A New Discovery and World First!
Nothing beats Purple Pill Performance!
Experience ‘The Power of the Pill’!

Kre-Celazine Capsules with Special Nutritional and Herbal Factors

Ark 3 – X-Cell (The Purple Pill) is a patented Kre-Celazine rich product with an exclusive blend of nutritional and herbal factors that is targeted to your body's special needs and requirements, designed to provide nutritional in insurance to support a lifetime of good health, well being and vitality.

Ark 3 - X-Cell (The Purple Pill) comes in the form of an easily digested and A absorbed capsule, convenient and very easy to use.

It is recommended to take 1 capsule two times a day in conjunction with a well balanced diet and fits easily into a busy lifestyle that so many of lead.

FDA approved and regulated in a State of the Art facility!
Ark 3 – X-Cell (The Purple Pill) is a powerful all natural targeted product unlike any other!

FACT FILE: 'X-Cell'...

  1. Arguably the only non-drug patented multi-functioning product that with Alkalising brand new technology targets the 3 A’S of healing!

  2. The magical ingredient Kre-Celazine with its double patents has been Medically and Clinically Proven to help with the following...(Reduces pain & promotes joint health improving flexibility and mobility, reduces all kinds of inflammation, enhances cellular repair, rejuvenation and functionality, stops rapid aging and helps with arthritis, periodontal disease, wrinkles (and the appearance of) and cardiovascular disease. Cartilage breakdown, cell death, muscle inflammation, muscle failure, fatigue, energy, recuperation and recovery caused by exercise. Alkalises the pH to help with brain function, emotions, irritability, anxiety, fevers, joint pain and inflammation, depression, infection, digestive problems and much more...)

  3. All Natural Product with the Best High Quality Raw Materials and a cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practises) stamp of approval.

  4. An exclusive, powerful & Anti-Aging new ingredient Kre-Celazine.

  5. Double patented product formulated and invented by Arkworld’s Scientific & Medical Research Team; a scientific breakthrough!

  6. Pharmaceutically Graded with NO artificial dyes or colours.

  7. Formulated in Arkworld’s State of the Art labs, approved, regulated and Drug coded by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

  8. Safe, effective, in capsule form; can be used alongside medication.

  9. Taken with other Arkworld products X-Cell delivers Rapid Cellular repair with Micro Nutrition as an Anti-Aging package like no other!

  10. Over 10 years of trials & successful testimonials from all over the world since first invented. Experience ‘The Power of the Pill!'

Directions for Use & Serving Suggestions

Take one capsule twice a day at any time to suit your daily routine.

For those who suffer with inflammation or sports people, athletes and bodybuilders who stress the body to a higher level, a higher dosage of X-Cell can be taken of 2 capsules twice a day or even 2 capsules 3 times a day.

Convenient and easy to use, fits very comfortably into the busy lifestyle that so many of us lead.

60 Capsules per container – 30 days’ supply

Targeting The 3 A’s
Anti-Aging, Anti-Inflammatory, Alkalising

Ark 3 - X-Cell (The Purple Pill) contains a powerful ingredient called Kre-Celazine which is a non-drug patented ingredient that has been medically and clinically proven to reduce pain and rapidly promote joint health, improving flexibility and mobility along with reducing inflammation, whilst working as an Anti-Aging ingredient that alkalises the body. Therefore, X-Cell is multi-functioning targeting the 3 A’S of healing, which is unique as to why this product is so effective.

Ark 3 - X-Cell (The Purple Pill) not only halts the cascade of inflammation, but rapidly begins restoring the body on a cumulative basis enabling the cells to rapidly repair and regenerate. Flexibility is restored, pain is eliminated and the appearance of wrinkles is reversed. This leads to the multitude of restorative, healing and age reversing attributes of X-Cell.

Another key effect of Ark 3 - X-Cell (The Purple Pill) apart from being Anti-Aging and an Anti-Inflammatory is with Alkalising. The benefits of X-Cell with Kre-Celazine’s patented alkalizing technology are crucial to eliminating inflammation and putting your body in what I like to call the “green house effect”. A balanced pH is where your body functions, grows, recovers and works best.

Ark 3 – X-Cell (The Purple Pill) and its double patent, is one of the most researched products to come on the market to date. It is a new technology and new discovery that far surpasses anything out there, so make sure to use it and experience ‘The Power of the Pill’.


Ark 3 – X-Cell (The Purple Pill) works effectively on its own as a targeted product; however, it’s also available in the following innovative Arkworld Packs...


ARK MULTI PACK (The Pink Drink + Micro + X-Cell)

Micro Nutrition & Rapid Repair: Anti-Aging Pack (Cellular Healing & vascular repair) for greater absorption and increased results with the 3 A’S of Healing...


ARK MEGA PACK (The Pink Drink + Micro + X-Cell + Super Ark Food + Inferno)

Micro Nutrition, Rapid Repair & Weight Control: Anti-Aging Weight Control Pack (Cellular Healing & vascular repair) for greater absorption and increased results with the 3 A’S of Healing and the New ShipShape Weight Conrtol Product Line...

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