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Arkworld Weightloss

With 190 calories per shake, the Ark 4 Super Ark Food is the largest shake ever formulated. With a unique blend of vitamins, minerals, beans, legumes, super fruits and Whey protein, it's the most advanced shake formulation which supports both high end athletes and the local customer looking to improve their health and well being through weight loss.

ShipShape Weight Control Daily Diet Plan Formulas:-

Weight Control/Loss: 2 2 1
Take 2 ShipShape Shakes; 2 ShipShape Inferno Capsules & 1 healthy meal of your choice.

Health & Weight Maintenance: 1 2 2
Take 1 ShipShape Shake; 2 ShipShape Inferno Capsules & 2 healthy meals of your choice.

Weight Gain: 3 2 3
Take 3 ShipShape Shakes; 2 ShipShape Inferno Capsules & 3 healthy meals of your choice.

NET WEIGHT: 1040g ℮ per container


Learn about Shipshape Weight Loss

  • Worlds most advanced weight loss programme

  • Mixes with Water, Milk, Yoghurt, Fruit Juices/Fruit Pieces

  • The most bio-available Protein on the market today

  • Based on Super Foods and Super Fruits

  • Healthiest meal replacement shake on the market today! Stay free of hunger!

  • A solid shake base for 1000 or 1500 calorie Protalyn Protein Shakes for Bodybuilders and Strongmen.

Order your own Arkworld Shipshape pack today!


The Shipshape Weight Loss pack, the full nutritional Shake support with the added benefit of Natural Fat Burning to make you slim.


The Ark 4 Shipshape Weight Loss meal replacement. Everything you need in a weight loss shake to keep you healthy while slimming.




The Ark 5 Inferno Shipshape Fat Burner. A natural fat burner that breaks down Fat cells using 5 Super Fruit enzymes.

You're one step away from having your own products!

Order your own Arkworld Shipshape pack today!

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