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1. Lisa - 5 years ago I had a very bad car accident which resulted in multiple spine fractures and due to the medication that I was on I gained 5 stone or 70lbs in weight. I have been trying to lose the weight for 4 years now without success. After 1 month on ShipShape and losing 8lbs and one dress size, I can now get into a pair of jeans which I have been unable to do for 4 years; I am so happy and look forward to the next 8lbs!


2. Claire’s Customer – I am so surprised how easy it has been for me to drop 6lbs and 4.4% body fat so easily using ShipShape!


3. Lee – Bodybuilder – I was already using all of Arkworld’s products to improve my performance in the gym and have now added ShipShape to my programme. I am now leaner than when I was training for a contest last year. My body fat was 17 or 18 and is now 14. Thanks to ShipShape!


4. Stella – I was lucky to go on the ShipShape Trials before they were launched and could not believe that I lost a stone or 14lbs over the Christmas period!


5. Suzie - 49, London - In 5 weeks Susie has lost 6kg, 14 inches in total with 4 inches off her waist. Taking just 2 Fat Burning Inferno capsules a day, 1 ShipShape shake and eating 4 meals. Weight training twice per week now and feeling great!


6. Serita 40, London - In 4 weeks Serita has lost 1.5kg and 13.75 inches in total. She takes 2 Fat Burning Inferno capsules per day, 1 ShipShape shake and 4 meals. Serita also weight trains once a week and does cardio once a week.


7. Sue – Using ShipShape I lost 4-5lbs, 2 inches from my waist, hips, tummy and bust and 1 and ½ inches from each thigh. Amazing results considering my leg was in plaster and I could not move around much.


8. Andrew – ShipShape is the easiest Weight Loss formula that I have ever come across. I never felt hungry, I never felt tired and my waist line has shrunk. Thank you Arkworld and thank you ShipShape!


9. Jacquie 45, London - In 5 weeks Jacquie has lost 2kg, 13.55 inches in total with 2.5 inches off her waist and 4.25 inches off her Tummy Button. Jacquie is a vegetarian taking 2 Fat Burning Antagonizer capsules a day, 2 ShipShape shakes a day and 3-4 meals. Also with weight training twice a week, swimming, ice skating, and Body Pumping.


10. Chelsea’s Dad in Florida – Lost 10 lbs in one week on ShipShape whilst using the treadmill.


11. Jewels – I have now lost 23lbs, 7% body fat, 3.5 inches from my waist, 3 inches from each thigh, 5 inches from my tummy and 5 inches from my hips. I am now the weight I was 20 years ago and I was never hungry once. ShipShape is the best weight control program I have ever used; it’s so easy! Thank you Arkworld!


12. Pam in the USA – Lost 8lbs in 1 month using ShipShape and feels great!

13. Kathryn 54, London - In 5 weeks Kathryn has lost 2.5kg and 9 inches in total. Kathryn takes 2 Inferno capsules a day, 1 ShipShape shake and eats 4 meals. She uses ShipShape alongside weight training twice a week.


14. Mark – Lost 7lbs and 2 inches in 2 weeks. Feels great! Now started training and taking 8 Inferno Fat Burners a day. Awesome products!


15. Gosia – I am so happy to be slim after using ShipShape for 2 months! Since losing 14lbs or 6.5kg I have a new wardrobe and am now running up to 5km daily. I am really, really pleased with the ShipShape products!


16. Lidia 20, London - In 5 weeks Lidia has lost 4.4kg and 5.75 inches in total taking 2 ShipShape Fat Burners a day, 2 ShipShape shakes and 4 meals. She uses ShipShape whilst weight training twice per week.


17. Betty’s Son in Law – He lost 2 and a half stone using the ShipShape products.

18. Julie – Personal Trainer - I have lost 2.1kg and 2.4% body fat since using ShipShape for just a short time. I now recommend ShipShape to all my clients because I know that it will help them.


19. Claire’s Customer - One of my clients started on ShipShape on Sunday. She’s getting married this Saturday so told her to double up on the Inferno Fat Burning capsules. She’s just having 1 ShipShape shake a day as she’s been on my diet plans for a while. She measured Tuesday and has lost 1 inch off her waist and 1/2 inch of each thigh.... she’s gobsmacked!


20. Dr Duncan - Dr Duncan has lost 6lbs in 2 weeks using ShipShape weight control products.

21. Clare 42, London - In 2 weeks Clare has lost 2kg in weight and 8 inches in total with 2.5 inches off her Tummy Button. She takes 2 Inferno Fat Antagonizers a day, 1 ShipShape shake and 4 meals alongside weight training twice per week.

22. A Bikini Competitor due to compete in 8 weeks - She’s been on the ShipShape Inferno Fat Burners for almost 2 weeks taking 2 capsules a day. She doesn’t take measurements, just goes by her look. Her Prep Coach said she looks sharper and could easily be show ready in 4 weeks... She’s a happy bunny!


23. Faye – Arkworld’s Photographer – In 3 weeks since using ShipShape Faye has managed to lose 6lbs and lots of inches all over even while having the odd extra snack and the odd night out. Faye feels great on the products and especially loves the taste of the ShipShape Shakes, she says “It tastes like ice cream”. These products are so good, even party girls lose weight with ShipShape!


24. Giggs – Whilst on holiday in Florida Giggs managed to lose 6lbs and feels great. She is very pleased with herself! Not an easy thing to do as you will know if you have ever been to Florida! So you can even get into ShipShape on holiday! 25. Claire – Bodybuilder – Using ShipShape I lost 2.3kg and 3.3% body fat in just 2 weeks; these fat burners are nuts and bodybuilders love them as they are not a stimulant and do not damage our muscles.

Claire – Bodybuilder –


“Using ShipShape I lost 2.3kg and 3.3% body fat in just 2 weeks; these fat burners are nuts and bodybuilders love them as they are not a stimulant and do not damage our muscles”.


Claire’s ShipShape Story in more detail...


“Wow, ShipShape is amazing! This stuff can be sold all day long!

Measured body fat on Wednesday which was 27.5%... the joys of off season bulking, NOT! My weight was 71.2kg. Weighed in this morning and my body fat was 25.2% and my weight was 70.6kg. I have done nothing different except take ShipShape, no extra cardio, just ate the same 6 meals a day. I now have an extra 13 orders for Ark 5 Fat Burners just from going to work this morning!! In 3 days I have now lost 2.3% body fat.


2 weeks now using ShipShape and I am going to give it another week and then blast all the body builders because people will cut their arms off to get hold of a natural fat burner that doesn’t attack the muscle. Can’t wait! I have now lost 2.3kg & 3.3% body fat.

Thought this might interest you!

I'm currently consuming approximately 2400-2500 kcals per day. It’s all clean food but then 1 day a week I have a cheat day and go crazy where I eat pizza, burgers, croissants, chocolate éclairs, ice cream, cheese cake or whatever I can get my hands on and also drink my body weight in wine, ha ha! I can easily demolish 4000 kcals on these days with no effort at all! I weight train 4 times a week for 45min - 1 hour sessions. The only cardio I do is 3 x 45 minute Zumba classes a week. In 2013 - 2014 I was bulking for a competition and following the same plan but only having 1 cheat meal a week instead of a whole day and training 5 days. This process ensured my weight gradually increased building muscle (and unfortunately increasing fat) ready to start the diet preparation for 16 weeks to strip the fat. Plus I was doing 6 Zumba classes a week at that stage.


My point is this... No way on this earth should I be dropping weight and losing fat eating and training in the manner I do. HOWEVER, since taking 2 x Ark 5 Inferno Fat Burners a day in 2 weeks I've dropped 2.3kg (5lbs) and lost 3.3% body fat. Assuming I've lost some water too because my muscles haven't gone anywhere! I'm now using 1 ShipShape Shake a day - Ark 4 too and contemplating upping my daily calories and doubling up on the Fat Burning pills just to see what happens... Last week I increased my calories and doubled up on ShipShape Inferno and a double scoop of ShipShape Shake once a day. My body fat has dropped from 24.2% to 23.8%. Gonna check again at end of week coz that’s just crazy!”

Claire sent in regular reports on her progress to Arkworld and we hope you enjoyed a few highlights of her incredible progress!


Disclaimer: Arkworld products are not intended to treat, diagnose or cure any disease and any results achieved by using any of the Arkworld’s products are not necessarily typical of the kind of results that you may achieve. It is advisable to always consult your local health professional or physician before taking the Arkworld products, especially if pregnant, lactating or taking any kind of medication. Any false claims of guaranteed success from using the Arkworld products are strictly prohibited!

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