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Ark 2 - Micro®

The Magical Micro!

Exclusive Hidden Delivery System!

A magical product that aids with cellular healing & repair by increasing the absorption rate in the body to deliver nutrition at a cellular level more easily through the villi in the intestines. Therefore increasing the results you will receive from taking all Arkworld products.

Unique product way ahead of its time!
Nothing else compares to the Micro!
Be amazed at the difference it makes!

Supreme Multi Vitamin & Mineral Complex with Co-Enzyme Q10

Ark 2 – Micro is a Supreme Multi Vitamin and Mineral Supplement, with 20 mg of Co-Enzyme Q10 and an exclusive hidden delivery system called Micro Nutrition. It’s targeted to your body’s special needs, providing nutritional insurance to support a lifetime of good health, well being and vitality.

Ark 2 – Micro comes in the form of an easily digested and absorbed vegetarian capsule convenient and easy to use.

It is recommended to take one capsule two times a day with meals in conjunction with a well balanced diet and fits easily into a busy lifestyle.

FDA approved and regulated in a State of the Art facility!
Ark 2 - Micro
 is an all natural revolutionary product. Totally unique; the only one of its kind.

FACT FILE: 'Magical Micro'...

  1. Arguably the only Vitamin and Mineral complex that through an exclusive Micro Nutrition formula increases cellular healing & repair.

  2. According to numerous clinic trials and the ‘American Journal of Cardiology’ Co Q 10 has been reported to help with the following...(Containing the finest sourced and bio- available vitamins and minerals in the world, Micro also contains Co-Enzyme Q 10 which is a fat soluble vitamin found in nearly every cell in the body and essential in the production of cellular energy. Increasing functionality in the heart, liver, kidneys and pancreas. Also helps heart disease, aging, periodontal disease, energy levels, exercise, poor immune function, gum disease, angina, hypertension and much more! Essential for the health of all tissues and organs)

  3. All Natural Product with the Best High Quality Raw Materials and a cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practises) stamp of approval.

  4. Exclusive Hidden Micro Nutrition Delivery System!

  5. Formulated and re-designed after 12 years of clinic trials and case studies by Arkworld’s scientific research and development team.

  6. Pharmaceutically Graded with NO artificial dyes or colours.

  7. Formulated in Arkworld’s State of Art laboratories approved and regulated by the FDA (Food And Drug Administration)

  8. Safe, effective Vegetarian Capsule; can be used with medication.

  9. As a Delivery Agent Micro Increases the absorption and the results that you will receive from taking any of the other Arkworld products.

  10. Ten years of successful testimonials from all over the world since first developed. Experience ‘The Magic of the Micro!

Directions for Use & Serving Suggestions

Take one capsule twice a day preferably with food for best results.

For increased levels of Co-Enzyme Q 10 and for faster absorption and effectiveness of all the Arkworld products, a higher dosage of Micro can be taken of 2 capsules twice a day or even 2 capsules 3 times a day.

Convenient and easy to use, fits very comfortably into the busy lifestyle that so many of us lead.

60 Capsules per container – 30 days’ supply

The Delivery Agent (Cellular Healing & Repair)

In a highly absorbable and digestible vegetarian capsule form, Ark 2 – Micro is years ahead of the competition and the finest quality product of its kind in the world today. However, do not make the mistake of thinking that this is just the best Multi Vitamin and Mineral product with Co Q 10 on the market today. You would be mistaken!

Arkworld has a hidden exclusive delivery system to this specialised product called Micro Nutrition. In simple terms, the new Ark 2 – Micro is an advanced Delivery Agent for all the other products!

It helps to create the right pH environment in the intestines where nutrition is absorbed through the Villi into the cells increasing a person’s absorption. In turn, it also increases the cleansing of the cells to provide better health and functionality clearing out unwanted toxins from the body. With its Exclusive Micro Nutrition formula Ark 2- Micro increases the affect, health results and benefits that you receive from taking all of the other Arkworld products to create a balanced system and healthy cells. After all, if you have healthy cells, you feel healthy!

With its Bio-availability the Micro Nutritional package and Delivery Agent in Ark 2 – Micro gives you one of the most powerful products on the market today. It’s so advanced and way ahead of its time so make sure to you use it with Arkworld products to get the best results possible.


Ark 2 – Micro is an incredibly effective product taken on its own; however, it is also available in any of the following innovative Arkworld Packs.


ARK MICRO 2 PACK (The Pink Drink + Micro)

Micro Nutrition: (Cellular Healing & vascular repair) for greater absorption and Increased results...


ARK MULTI PACK (The Pink Drink + Micro + X-Cell)

Micro Nutrition & Rapid Repair: Anti-Aging Pack (Cellular Healing & vascular repair) for greater absorption and increased results with the 3 A’S of Healing...


ARK MEGA PACK (The Pink Drink + Micro + X-Cell + Super Ark Food + Inferno)

Micro Nutrition, Rapid Repair & Weight Control: Anti-Aging Weight Control Pack (Cellular Healing & vascular repair) for greater absorption and increased results with the 3 A’S of Healing and the New ShipShape Weight Control Product Line...

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