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Arkworld’s Exclusive Roll Up

When a distributor has somebody in their group who is inactive and not purchasing any products or achieving any personal volume, providing that person is in the distributors first 4 levels, or 4 levels from any personally sponsored distributor, Arkworld will Roll Up the volume and give it to the distributor at the top. This is done so that a distributor always fairly gets 4 levels of pay from the Ark Royalty Kommision and Ark Matching Bonuses incomes and therefore, no one misses out!

The way we do this is completely unique to Arkworld’s (m)Arketing Plan and an incredible payment structure that always puts the distributors and their pockets first as shown by the examples below...

For Example:

In this example, John would normally earn an Ark Royalty Kommission from 4 levels deep in his organisation, however, as Jane hasn’t managed to achieve any personal volume or dollars of business that month, the company would Roll Up the volume from a person with the highest personal sales volume on the 5th level to replace the sales volume that Jane did not achieve. In this example that would be Fiona.


In this particular example, John would now earn an Ark Royalty Kommission from 4 x 800 personal volume (pv) points, which gives him a total of $3200 organisational volume points or dollars worth of business. If Roll Up did not exist John would not earn anything from Fiona and would only be earning an Ark Royalty Kommission from 3 x 800 personal volume (pv) points or $2400 organisational volume points or dollars of business which as you can see is a big difference.


Imagine having hundreds of people and lines like this one in your organisation; Roll Up would earn you thousands and thousands of dollars of business. Only Arkworld does this and in this way because it’s distributors’ incomes and businesses that are our priority and not corporate figures that look good on paper like so many other companies out there! This Roll Up rule would also apply if Jane were to drop out of the company altogether, which means distributors never miss out on earnings deep in their organisation even if for some crazy reason someone decides to not be in Arkworld anymore. Imagine that!

Arkworld always Rolls Up the highest Volume!

Whenever there are several people to choose from on a level to Roll Up volume, Arkworld always Rolls Up the sales volume from the person that has the highest personal volume (pv) points or dollars of business so that the earning distributor earns the maximum amount of profit available in building their business. In the example above that person would be Fiona on the 5th level with 800 personal volume (pv) points as opposed to Tim who achieved less volume with 300 personal volume (pv) points.

Roll Up with Ark Matching Bonus


In this diagram, John has personally sponsored Jane and so is entitled to earn an Ark Matching Bonus from Jane of 2, 4, 8 and 16%, down to the 6th level. However, one of Jane's distributors (Fred) has not managed to achieve any personal volume or dollars of business that month.

So in this situation, the company would Roll Up the volume from one of the distributors with the highest personal volume on the 7th level. On this occasion that person would be Fiona, so her personal volume would be rolled up to replace Fred's inactive volume and John would now be able to earn the most Ark Matching Bonus possible and highest income available.

Roll Up is incredible and the fairest and most profitable way to reward distributors for their hard work in building a deep organization! So Roll Up, Roll Up and enjoy the fruits of your hard earned labour!


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