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Here comes the Sun!

As the end to lockdown in the UK is nearing we're all now looking forward to the Summer sun and perhaps even some holidays!

As so many of our customers were lucky enough to be able to stay working from home on their computers, they've managed to keep their income.

Unfortunately this idleness for many hours of the day and for so many months comes with another price. Sitting idle for longer duration can lead to anxiety, depression, poor thinking capacity, loss of concentration, and even decline in memory. The direct health consequences are more serious and immediate. If you don't use your muscles after a meal, they don't take up sugar from the blood as they should, this can lead to high blood glucose which is a pre-cursor to Type 2 Diabetes. Sitting around for too long can also weaken the bones in your skeleton so daily exercise of any type is always beneficial.

As our own team can attest, being active during lockdown has been difficult even for people that are skilled in exercising in confined spaces for example doing Yoga or circuit training in the home. Using the Arkworld nutrition range we have been fortunate enough that our health and progress has not slipped backwards. Using the Ark 1 Pink Drink & Ark 2 Micro Multi-Vitamin we've kept our immune system at it's peak and fortunately no member of our friends or family have become ill with the COVID-19.virus.

We've maintained a high stock level of the Ark 1 & Ark 2 products to ensure our clients do not run out during the Pandemic. We've maintained the ability to drop ship the products as a Key-business in the support of the fight again COVID-19 so our support of our clients in the UK and U.S has been consistent throughout the lockdown.

We are expecting the Government approach to fighting the Pandemic in the UK to extend beyond June 21 with some places requiring mask wearing and social distancing to be maintained for some time to come. We are also advising our clients to continue maintaining the use of the Ark 1 Pink Drink as part of their diet and immune system response because there are still other variants of COVID-19 that your body may not have been exposed to. You must bolster your immune system to ensure you are ready to fight this threat should it arrive in your area.

Note:- There is now a localised threat to our Client base of customers that are of South Asian descent who are particularly at risk from COVID-19 but also the more virulent South African variant that has just been discovered in the Redbridge area in Essex. We are re-affirming the need to our Clients in this area that they must ensure their continued use of the Ark 1 Pink Drink product during this period and continuing to follow all the normal Government guidelines. With the lockdown running for so long and the difficulty encountered early on with getting food in the shops, so many people have gained weight. This is now an added challenge that people are having to cope with on top of having to re-adjust to normality and return to work.

We would love to hear from you and will be happy to assist you in getting back on track with both your finances and your weight loss goal. Our simple daily diet plan using delicious shakes makes weight loss easy and fun. Every day is a new experience and we even encourage healthy snacking twice a day to ensure your metabolism is maintained throughout the entire day and to stop you snacking on tasty but unhealthy products that will set you back on your weight loss journey.

Keep an eye out for our next Blog post that will give you some key tips in getting started and maintaining success on your weight loss journey. If you have managed to achieve your own great results during lockdown, why not drop us an e-mail and tell us how you achieved them? Transformation pics are always great to see! is monitored 24/7/265 so please feel free to contact us.

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