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Arkworld International Nutrition - COVID-19 Update

Hi Everyone!

I wanted to send you guys a brief message concerning the ongoing situation with the Corona virus that is causing so much havoc and heartache for so many across the country and the globe and to let you know that all of our global operations during this time will be remaining ‘OPEN’ as usual to serve you in the best way possible during this incredibly difficult time for everyone!

To fully comply with all of the latest government rules and regulations concerning this pandemic is of the utmost importance to us and therefore, we take the health and safety guidelines laid out very seriously, that is why we have reorganised the company globally to comply with the distancing rules along with many staff taking calls whilst working from home where possible, to name but a few! All of these changes will in no way affect the impeccable service that Arkworld normally provides in fulfilling all product orders and servicing your distributorship and business with the company!

We remain open for business and here to serve you in the best way possible!

I have had many people ask me if we would be continuing to stay open due to the lock down that is gripping the globe and the answer is a resounding YES! Don’t forget, our job is essential as part of the health care sector to help others to have better health and a better quality of life and that is needed now more than ever! It is an absolute necessity that we not only remain open, but continue to provide these life changing and groundbreaking products in a time where health and safety is of the utmost concern! Therefore, we shall strengthen our efforts night and day to help as many people as we possibly can as we all get through this difficult time together!

Our global operations will continue as normal to provide the best health products in the world to as many people as possible, so do not fear, Arkworld is here!


With health and safety becoming more and more of a concern for people globally as the Corona virus continues to affect the lives of many, make sure to do everything possible to boost your immune system and to stay healthy!

The Corona virus affects the body very much in the same way as a common cold or flu would do by attacking the respiratory system and then goes on to attack healthy cells which can lead to depleting the body’s oxygen levels and therefore affecting the functionality of other organs in the body. Of course the body’s immune system and cellular health is its defence in stopping this from happening, therefore, it is imperative to boost your immune system and your oxygen levels as well as your body’s cellular health and functionality to increase the body’s natural defence against viruses like this and disease!

The groundbreaking and patented science behind the Arkworld products, including the Nobel Prize Winning Science behind ‘The Pink Drink’, has been clinically and medically proven to increase blood flow, oxygen levels and healing in the blood system, increase the ability of the immune system to fight viruses and disease, open the lung airways and improve your respiratory system, increase circulation and vascular health, as well as feeding the body at a cellular level! It truly is remarkable as many of you know!

The patented science that lay behind the products apply to not only ‘The Pink Drink’ but to ‘The Magical Micro’ with its ability to increase cellular health , absorption, detoxification and immune function , ‘The Purple Pill’ with its groundbreaking and double patented ingredient that targets inflammation in the body, cellular regeneration and rejuvenation, along with its alkalising capability and the ShipShape Product Range too with its pioneering protein and formulation in ‘The ShipShape Shake’ that gives the body the correct balanced nutrition vital for optimum health and peak performance, as well as ‘ShipShape Inferno’ that burns fat in the body including the arteries and liver to help the body to maintain healthy blood flow and oxygen levels, imperative for optimum organ function and in these uncertain times their effectiveness and importance becomes even more prevalent!

So do yourself a big favour and make sure to stay as safe as possible, boost your immune system and cellular health and take as many of the magical Arkworld products as possible!

This is an exact science and if you treat the body correctly and give it the best chance to ‘Thrive, not Survive’, it will defend you no matter what!

PLEASE NOTE: Due to our ‘March Madness’ promotion, this month is going absolutely crazy and also because of a massive demand for the products globally due to the Corona virus, please make sure to allow an extra day for your delivery! I have never seen anything like this since I started Arkworld, it’s unbelievable! Don’t forget that there are ‘Only 2 Days Left To Go with March Madness’ – Closing Date: Tuesday Midnight 31st March 2020!

Again, please stay safe and healthy everyone, it is an incredibly difficult time for so many; my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family and to those who have suffered greatly at the hands of this virus and been a lot less fortunate than us!

We continue to help and serve no matter what it takes!

May God Bless you all!

Kevin Daines

The Lifestyle Focus International Network UK, U.S & Australia

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