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COVID-19 - Maintaining an Income

During the COVID-19 outbreak one of the greatest challenges to workers and their families is maintaining an income. Those that are self-employed or between employers will find this a particularly difficult time.

It is a well known fact that few industries resist recession or unexpected challenges like COVID-19. In reality this is often limited to certain elements of show business and the media, food manufacturing and supply. The vast majority of workers in regular employment have now found themselves struggling to make ends meet because they are not working and therefore have no access to the overtime that so many workers rely on.

As a key supplier of health supplements we are still able to drop ship to our customers in the UK and U.S with only slight delays. This is something that anyone can do! We welcome the additional support that more distributors would provide at this difficult time. It will secure a small income for anyone working online from home retailing the products and provide the customers with the key nutritional supplements that will bolster their immune systems.

Although this work would only be possible with an online focus during the COVID-19 crisis, afterwards it can provide a long term and consistent income in the following months and years.

If you would like more information on how you can assist people while making a new income for yourself during the crisis. Please leave your details with us by clicking on this LINK.

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