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Welcome to 2021 in the Nutrition World

A new Year....

Well it's a whole new year but it's starting just like last year ended. We haven't stopped working and are continuing to train distributors in our network to distribute these amazing nutrition products around the world.

What does this mean for the general public and our customer base?

Well we've changed our focus away from Sports as a lot of our customers have struggled to maintain their normal levels of training due to the closure of Gyms and Sports clubs etc. We're moving back into the health field to encourage people to boost their immune systems to maintain their general health during the Pandemic.

We're still seeing many normally healthy people going down with the COVID-19 virus and it's a particularly nasty virus that is often worse than the worst flu an adult can remember.

How can you avoid becoming ill with COVID-19?

  1. Maintain your levels of isolation from others. This is advisable for every age group and particularly important for those that have respiratory illness or a weakened immune response/weak constitution.

  2. If you have to go out make sure you're wearing and mask and that the mask is well fitted over your nose and around your mouth. When you get home, wash your hands thoroughly with an anti-bacterial hand wash and dispose of any mask you've worn. Ideally the normal cloth masks are used only for a short period, perhaps just 20 minutes as advised by the mask manufacturers. Ensure the mask is properly disposed of in the rubbish and if you've experienced signs of illness or tested positive for COVID-19, please dispose of the mask inside a suitable closed container to risk the chance of another becoming infected.

  3. If you're identified as an at risk person, try to get others to get anything you need delivered to you or dropped off maintaining social distancing. This limits the amount of potential infections to a bare minimum.

  4. Focus on food! The winter months can be particularly tough on your immune system and struggling to stay warm in your home as an elderly person puts you at even greater risk. The old staple winter foods such as soups, broths and casseroles should feature as a key part of your diet. These not only keep you warm but supply you with the complex carbs and protein you need to maintain your physiological functions at their peak.

  5. Supplementation! Often overlooked as people's health these days is generally better but it never hurts to maintain your immune system as it's absolute peak. Thus ensuring it's ability to fight infection fast and efficiently.

For some basic Nutrition advice around Supplementation you can find more info here:-

Note:- Supplements are designed only to ensure you're getting the nutrients your normal diet lacks. Most are not intended to replace meals or a healthy diet. You should always ask the seller if the Supplement is right for your needs.

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