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The Key To Success

Arkworld began with the dream of one man, President & Founder Mark Landon.

As the first distributor in the company, with a totally unique product line, Mark also knew that he would need an equally unique marketing plan and simple training philosophy that would help distributors to achieve success as quickly as possible in the most duplicatable of ways. Mark therefore developed a simple training system and philosophy that would make this possible and started a fun, simple and magical way of building his distributorship that has now become Arkworld legend!


Mark kept things very simple by just doing these two basic things consistently every single day...


When talking to people all he did was to tell testimonials of people’s success on the products and in the business, keeping away from too much science that would make it harder to teach. The only variable that was left was how many people to talk to on a daily basis; some or lots. It was that simple and others started copying this same philosophy.

Mark also developed an equally simple Success Training System designed to be able to make it easy for new people to develop and grow as leaders so that they would be able to teach the people in their business, that they recruited, without much experience.


Mark Landon’s Success Training System:


With total belief, passion and dedication to his cause and dream of helping people, Mark started selling the product to people on the street, passing flyers out, running adverts, holding 3 meetings a week, a training class every Saturday, conference calls and anything else he could do to touch peoples lives with the products and opportunity.

With no money to his name, no real business experience, a product that he glued his own labels on to every night, an office above a Pizza Parlour, no staff therefore acting as President, Order Dept, Distributor Relations, Office Cleaner, Packer and Warehouse Manager among many other things, and no one really giving him much chance of success at all, Mark used the simple philosophy of Using the Products and Talking to People with his Success Training System of Who, What, When Where to build his distributorship to over $46,000 by the end of the first month.


Incredible and just goes to show, you should never listen to other people’s opinions!

“If you can see it, you can become it!”

This simple philosophy helped Mark to get his own customer base up to 68 customers in just a few months and helped him to sponsor 201 distributors in his first seven months leading to over 4000 distributors in his team. While teaching his distributors to do the same, Mark managed to achieve the top position in the company – A Team in his tenth month.

‘All Mark did to achieve that kind of success so quickly was to use the products consistently every single day, talk to people consistently every single day and teach his organisation to do the same consistently every single day using his Success Training System of Who, What, When Where!’.


After the first year, sales reached over $1 Million dollars, an incredible $3 Million dollars by the end of the second year and $6 Million dollars by the end of the third, with annual sales then going on to exceed over $12 Million dollars!

With Arkworld now in three countries, with people using the products in eleven countries and set for further global expansion, with already many tens of thousands of people having their lives changed as a result of the products, who can possibly argue that Mark Landon’s Arkworld story is an amazing one and its only really just begun!

So let’s take a closer look at Mark’s philosophy and Success Training System that was the Key to his Success in more detail...

To be successful in Arkworld Distributors really only have to do 2 things.


1. Use the Products (All the Products)

Arkworld Distributors are not just sales people selling a product to make a profit from the sale. Distributors are people that use the products who receive great results from using them and then recommend them to others. You can’t honestly talk from the heart with emotion to anybody, unless you’re actually using the products yourself and getting great results. It’s not only wrong, it’s unethical.


This goes for all of Arkworld products because unless you are using them, you won’t know what personal benefits you can receive and your knowledge will be based on information and not from personal experience. So Use the Products!!


  • Use all the products because you only sell what you use!


  • Use SOME of the products = Make SOME money
    Use ALL of the products = Make ALL the money

2. Talk to People (Lots of People)

When talking to people as Distributors, there are really only 2 things we talk about:

1. The Products (We sell)
2. The Business (We Sponsor)

When we sell the products to Customers and recruit Distributors, all you have to do is...TELL STORIES, yours and others.

Stories of health results from using the product and stories of income results from building the business.


Gold mine formula for talking to people:

  • Talk to SOME people and tell SOME testimonials and you make SOME money.

  • Talk to LOTS of people and tell LOTS of testimonials and you make LOTS of money.


You don’t need any special talent, education, or to be a great salesman to be successful in Arkworld because even if you’re not that good at speaking to people, if you talk enough times, the law of averages say, you have to succeed. Even if you do it completely wrong, if you do it wrong enough times, you will succeed, no matter what! It’s a question of Safety in Numbers and Law of Averages! (SINALOA)


It’s not science or even facts that sell products and recruit Distributors, its testimonials, yours and others and how many times you tell those stories, over and over again on a consistent daily basis! Besides, the Arkworld products work so well that the results that people achieve will sell themselves!

Facts tell and Stories sell!

When you talk to people always have a great positive attitude and care about what you’re saying because it’s not what you say that matters, its how you feel about what you say! It’s all about passion and sincere genuine excitement because people communicate with feelings not with words!


4 Step Success Training System

Along with the simple philosophy of using the products and talking to people, Mark Landon created this simple 4 Step Success Training System to help to train his distributors...

1) Who – Who to look for...

The kinds of people to look for when building your business are ‘Dissatisfied People’.

People who are dissatisfied with the health, weight or just the way they look and feel could be your first customers. When looking for people to talk to about the business there are many things that people can be dissatisfied with today...

  • Income (Lack of money)

  • Job or Career

  • Bored

  • Lack of Challenge in their life

  • Lifestyle

  • Need more Fun etc ...


When starting your business, try writing a list of people of about 100 people you know who could benefit from the products and the business opportunity. Work with your Sponsor to help you to get as many people as possible on the list so that you can qualify for the Executive position in Arkworld within your first week.

2) What – What to Say

When talking to people all you have to do is TELL STORIES, yours and others. Keep it simple and never try to get into too much detail when talking to people about the products or the business because if you do, your presentation will become too complicated, too scientific and no one will be able to copy you. Duplication is the key to building a big flourishing organisation!

Be a detective and ask questions!

1) Are you seriously interested in losing weight, improving your health, lifestyle, income etc...?
2) Do you have any health problems; do you work out etc...?
3) What diets or products have you tried before?
4) Why didn’t they work for you?


Then just give them a small amount of information on the products or business opportunity, depending on what interests them and tell them a testimonial. Learn a couple of lines of information that you can repeat time and time again and keep it simple!

Remember, it’s the stories you tell that sell it, not the information! There is a psychological process that everyone goes through in order to buy products or to join the business and that is – It’s simple, I think it will work and I think I can do it. Testimonials gets someone through this process the quickest and the quicker you can do something usually the easier it is.

Even if someone isn’t interested don’t forget, they may know someone that would be interested because it’s not always the person you talk to that counts, it’s who they lead you to, so always ask the most important question of all ‘Who do you know?’

3) When – When to Say it

Talk to 10 people a day about the products and...
Talk to 10 people a day about the business.

Work out your odds!


Work out how many people you have to talk to everyday to get one person to buy the products or one person to join your business. If your odds are 1 in 10 then no matter what, you know that for every 10 people you speak to and tell testimonials to you will get 1 customer or distributor to join. As your skills improve your odds will improve.

Remember: It doesn’t necessarily matter what you say, or how good your are at speaking to people because if you talk to enough people, there is a Safety in numbers and Law of Averages that say, you will succeed no matter what. Let the products and the testimonials be the issue and not your skills. It’s the message that’s important, not the messenger, besides; odds never lie; they always tell the truth!

It doesn’t matter what you say...
It's how you feel about what you say and how many times you say it that matters!

Just by talking to 10 people a day about the products and 10 people a day about the business you would end up with 5 new customers and 5 new distributors each and every week with odds of 1 in 10. You will be amazed at how quickly that adds up and what you can accomplish in just a short space of time!

4) Where – Where to find them

There are many ways to find people to talk to today and many tools you can use especially with the way technology has grown over the last decade with things like Social Media...

  • Centre of Influence (Friends, Family etc) Write a list of people you know!!

  • An Arkworld Badge, T-Shirt or something to wear that advertises your brand.

  • Website

  • Social Media – Facebook, Twitter, etc...

  • Flyers or brochures

  • Advertisements

  • Conduct a Survey

  • Talk to people on the street

  • Take your product in public

  • Use a Scrap Book or Presentation Book of stories and photos

  • Ask for referrals

  • Hold Product Pink Parties

  • Invite people to Meetings & Trainings

  • Show people your Cheque


Remember, it doesn’t really matter what tools you use when you develop a day to day system; what matters is how many times you talk to people and how consistent you are. The best advice and smartest thing to do is to use every single tool at your disposal to make it work, because to just sit and build a business online whilst ignoring a neighbour, or a passerby that has health problems, or really needs to lose weight or make some extra money would be a mistake.

“The best tool to use is you and your story, so tell it everywhere!”

Lead by Example!

(People do what you do, not what you tell them!)

The real key in developing a successful business or organisation is in duplication and teaching, therefore, if you keep it simple and just Use the Products and Talk to People on a regular basis whilst training people using the 4 step Success Training System of Who, What, When, Where, your business will become simple to teach and easy to copy and after all, getting people to massively copy what you’re doing is what leads to fortune.


So Lead by example and keep it simple using the Who, What, When, Where Way!


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