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The (m)Arketing Plan

Arkworld’s marketing Plan or "Arketing Plan", as we like to call it, is truly a unique marketing plan with something for everyone...

The 2 x 4 Breakaway Ark is exclusive to Arkworld and delivers the most exciting Business Opportunity ever devised in the industry. There are 5 areas of income, 7 positions in the company and many commissions, bonuses and rewards open to everyone, all reachable regardless of background or experience.

Following is a brief overview of Arkworld’s Arketing Plan, but please see Arkworld’s other articles, (Areas of Income, The Magic of the Breakaway, Arkworld’s Stairway to Success, Executive to A Team, Roll Up and The Philosophy behind the Arketing Plan) for a more in depth look at the magic that is - Arkworld’s Arketing Plan, the 2 x 4 Breakaway Ark.

So let’s take a look at the Sliding Scale in Arkworld and the Areas of Income by using the Arketing Plan diagram that is often used in Arkworld Distributor Meetings (A.D.M) around the world.


The above Arketing Plan Example shows: Total = $2,720.00 A.R.K or Ark Royalty Points (Total Organisational Volume = 24,000 Points) from 30 people in 1 x Ark built.

Every person joins Arkworld by becoming a Distributor, as shown in the example above, by completing the Registration process and the Arkworld Distributor Agreement. Following this, to become an Active Arkworld Distributor, a person must complete a minimum of 100 personal volume (pv) points of product order(s) to qualify. Following this a Distributor can work their way up the 7 different positions in Arkworld and earn up to 5 areas of income in commissions and bonuses.

Please see Arkworld’s Stairway to Success for details on qualifications and rewards.

1) Retail Profit

As a Distributor, a person can earn 20% Retail Profit on every product sold as shown in the diagram above. However, they can work their way up to Executive very quickly, where they can earn 40% Retail Profit, which is double the money for the same job. There is also a sliding scale in between these positions, 25%, 30% and 35%. For example, Consultants as shown above would receive 25% Retail Profit and so on....

However, the best and most profitable position to be at in Arkworld is the top position called Executive, because not only do you earn 40% Retail Profit at that position, but an Executive starts to earn other bonuses and rewards that can send incomes soaring.

Executive is the place to be, the only question is: how quickly can you get there?

To qualify as an Executive, you need to achieve 800 personal volume (pv) or 800 total volume (tv) points in one calendar month, or to put it another way, $800 of business.

Executive Qualification can be achieved in 4 simple ways:

1) Purchase an Executive order of 800 personal volume (pv) points at one time, in one calendar month at a 40% discount price.

2) Retail 800 personal volume (pv) points in one month, one customer at a time, (800 points is approximately 12 customers depending on what products they purchase).

3) Personally sponsor 5 Active Distributors into Arkworld each with 100 personal volume (pv) points, each totalling 500 group volume (gv) points and achieve 300 personal volume (pv) points unencumbered yourself, which gives you a total of 800 total volume (tv) points.

4) Achieve 500 total volume (tv) points in 2 consecutive months. (300 points of which must be unencumbered in both months).

Earning Comparison based on selling 1 x Ark Mega Pack to 10 customers:

●  As an executive at 40% you would make approximately $100/£67 per person or $1000/£670 total earnings.

●  As a Distributor at 20% you would make $50/£33 per retail or $500/£333 total earnings.

Therefore, at the Executive position you make double the money for the same job!

2) Ark Royalty Kommission (A.R.K)

From the Consultant position and above you can earn an Ark Royalty Kommission (A.R.K) on one 2 x 4 Ark of people. (See Arkworld’s Stairway to Success for qualifications for a Consultant).

One 2 x 4 Ark has 30 people in it:


Arkworld pays its distributors an Ark Royalty Kommission (A.R.K) 4 levels deep, 2%, 4%, 8% and 16% on the 4th level. However as an Executive you can earn not only from one 2 x 4 Ark, but also on all the other Breakaway Arks that you build as well.

A.R.K Income Example (based on one 2 x 4 Ark as shown above)

  • With 2 people on your first level both achieving 800 personal volume (pv) points each, you would have achieved an organisational volume of 2 x 800 = 1600 volume points. On your first level you would earn 2% of 1600 points, which would give you $32.00 in earnings (A.R.K)

  • With 4 people on your second level achieving 800 personal volume (pv) points each your organisational volume would be 4 x 800 points = 3200 points. On your second level you would earn 4% of 3200 points = $128.00 in earnings (A.R.K)

  • 8 people on your third level would give you 8 x 800 = 6400 organisational volume points. 8% of 6400 points = $512.00 in earnings (A.R.K)

  • 16 people on your 4th level would give you 16 x 800 = 12,800 volume points. 16 % of 12,800 points = $2,048.00 in earnings (A.R.K)

So from 30 people in one 2 x 4 Ark all with 800 personal volume (pv) points or about 12 customers each, you would earn a total of $2,720.00 or approximately £1,755.00.

However please see The Magic of the Breakaway article to see how this income doubles and trebles when you reach the Executive position in Arkworld.

3) Ark Matching Bonus

Once a Distributor reaches the Executive position, he or she is eligible to earn an Ark Matching Bonus.

This basically means, as an Executive with 4 or more personally sponsored Active Distributors, you would earn an Ark Matching Bonus of 2, 4, 8, and 16% on 4 levels from any personally sponsored Distributor, regardless of whether they are on your second, third or fourth level.

This enables you to earn up to seven levels deep in your organisation and where these Distributors over lap with your original 2 x 4 Ark your income doubles and trebles.

Please see Areas of Income for full details as to how this bonus works.

4) Ark Breakaway Bonus

Once a Distributor reaches the National Expansion Team (N.E.T) position in the company, he or she would be eligible to earn an Ark Breakaway Bonus. (Please see Arkworld’s Stairway to Success, for details in how to qualify for N.E.T Team).

This is a 2% Ark Bonus paid on every 2 x 4 Breakaway Ark with 30 people in it that you build. This is a very exciting area of income because you are rewarded for building your organisation wide as well as deep. The more Arks you build, the more you will be rewarded.

5) Ark Infinity Bonus

This Bonus is paid to all those Distributors who achieve Director and above in the Arketing Plan.

This Bonus is very exciting because you can now earn not just 4 levels or 7 levels deep in your organisation, but from everybody underneath you to infinite levels deep which can send incomes soaring through the roof!

2%, 4% and 6% Infinity Bonuses are paid to the top three Leadership Team positions in Arkworld (Director, Millionaires Club and the A Team).

Please see Arkworld’s Stairway to Success for details on qualifications for the Leadership Teams.

Income Example based on 30 people in one Ark!

Now, let’s take a look at the original example again as shown in Ark Royalty Kommission of this article and add the extra bonuses into the equation...

30 people in one Ark achieving 800 personal volume points each = $2,720.00/£1,755.00 in earnings.

However, this would also mean that you would have qualified as a Director in Arkworld, because 30 people x 800 personal volume points = 24,000 organisational volume points.

So as a Director the company would also pay you:

  • $480 Ark Breakaway Bonus (2% of 24,000 volume points)

  • $480 Ark Infinity Bonus (2% of 24,000 volume points)

When you add these bonuses to your Ark Royalty Kommission you would receive the following:

$2,720.00 + $960.00 bonuses = $3,680.00 / £2,374.00 in total earnings.

However this income would end up much higher than this for 2 reasons...

1) Your Infinity Bonus would not just be paid on one 2 x 4 Breakaway Ark, it would also be paid on your entire organisation underneath you, infinite levels deep.

2) Also if you add your Ark Matching Bonus to this income, again it would double and treble your income and enable you to earn up to seven levels deep.

Total Income from just one Ark of 30 people!

Your total income that month from just 30 people (with about 12 customers each) in one 2 x 4 Ark could be a minimum of $5,000 / £3,226.00 and up to 2 or 3 times that amount.

This also explains how important retail is!

“No Multi Level Marketing Company on earth pays you $5,000 or even more, from just building a small group of 30 people!”

This marketing plan is light years ahead of the competition; it’s totally incredible!!

Building Numerous Breakaway Arks

For more ambitious distributors who wish to build a long term successful business or large organisation, building many Arks in their group instead of just one would produce the following...

10 x Breakaway Arks with 30 people in each one retailing approximately to 12 customers per month or achieving 800 personal volume (pv) points, wouldn’t give you a minimum of $5,000 per month, it would be more like $50,000 per month and so on...

10 Arks built = $50,000 / £32,258 per month
100 Arks built = $500,000 / £322,580 per month

There is one more piece of magic that separates Arkworld’s Arketing Plan from everybody else in the industry and that is THE MAGIC OF THE BREAKAWAY ARK. To fully understand how incredible and effective the Breakaway is, please refer to the article The Magic of the Breakaway.

In Conclusion

Arkworld’s (m)Arketing Plan is not only revolutionary and totally exclusive, but completely unique and the only one of its kind in the world today! It pays out more revenue back to distributors than any other plan in the industry by a country mile!

On top of that it is achievable for everybody regardless of background or experience, so now anyone, anywhere, can earn what they are worth by just taking a few small steps in the right direction. With a willingness to work and a burning desire to succeed, you can achieve the kind of success that usually seems to be reserved for others.

With the best health, nutritional and weight control products in the world, a support system and leadership second to none and a company born out of love with its heart in the right place, it’s no wonder that everyone is talking about Arkworld being the best company in the industry and eventually the biggest in the world too.

Arkworld leads the way and is at the cutting edge of a business revolution set to explode in the fastest growing industry in the world - "The Wellness Industry"

“An International Business Opportunity of unrivalled excellence for you and your family!”

Any Business Earnings shown on this site are approximate values for example purposes only!


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