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The Magic of the Breakaway

Once a Distributor has built a 2 x 4 Ark with 30 people in it, the next person he or she sponsors into the business will break away into a second Ark.


As you can see from the diagram above, John’s organisation doesn't just go deep, it also goes wide as well because after John has filled up his first 30 people Ark, he then breaks away and the next person that he sponsors into the business (Sarah), falls onto the first level of his next Ark. When John fills up his second Ark of 30 people, he then Breaks Away again and so on...

John now has the ability to have 4 Distributors on his first line instead of just 2 and now 8 people on his second line instead of 4, then 16 people on the third line instead of 8 and finally 32 people on his fourth line instead of just 16. This increases as John builds his third Breakaway, his fourth one and so on...

This follows all the true traditions of a great marketing plan, with Distributors working wide as well as deep, while retailing the product and teaching others to do the same.

How the Breakaway works with all Areas of Income

1) Ark Retail Profit

Obviously the retail profit that Distributors make is not really affected from a Breakaway. Wherever a Distributor is in the Arketing Plan, he or she is the President of their own Distributorship and no matter how many Arks a Distributor develops retail will always be the most important area of income. Although, the more people retailing in your original Ark, or any Breakaway Arks, the greater the income and royalty cheque provided, so retail is certainly the king of Incomes.

Key point to Remember:

'We don't help and work with Arks; we help and work with people’

We teach people the skills to retail, recruit, promote and duplicate and then to become more than they are with personal development, no matter where they fall in the (m)Arketing Plan, or how many Arks a Distributor has built. If you learn how to retail and the skills in building an organisation, your people will do the same.

“People do what you do, not what you tell them to do”

So retail to lots of people consistently, recruit lots of distributors consistently and teach them how to do the same consistently and you will always succeed no matter what!

Retail is the most exciting and important area of income there is; it’s immediate cash in the pocket and the foundation to your business!

2) Ark Royalty Kommission: A.R.K

Distributors, who have reached the Consultant position in the company, will earn an Ark Royalty Kommission from their first 2 x 4 Breakaway Ark only. See article Stairway to Success for full details.

However, for Distributors who achieve the Executive position and above in the company, things get very exciting with the Breakaway Ark as we will explain...


In this example Michael has broken away after filling up a 2 x 4 Ark of 30 people and Kelly has also done the same. The great thing here is, once John has qualified for Executive and Distributors start breaking away like this, he will now earn an Ark Royalty Kommission from not just his original 2 x 4 Ark, but also on Michael and Kelly's Breakaway Ark's as well, or any other Distributor's Ark that Breaks Away, in his organisation. This is providing that these Distributors fall into John's first 4 levels, (shown above), as Arkworld pays its Distributors 4 levels deep.

Now if one or more of these Distributors Breaks Away again, providing that some of these new people fall into John's first 4 levels, he will earn an Ark Royalty Kommission from these people as well.

This sends Ark Royalty Kommissions soaring; in fact it’s not only incredible, it’s magic!

3) Ark Matching Bonus

Once Distributors start earning an Ark Matching Bonus at the Executive position and above in the company, the possibilities are endless when you combine it with the Magic of the Breakaway.


With the Breakaway Ark, you are not only earning an Ark Matching Bonus from the Distributors that you have personally sponsored but if a person in their 4 level group Breaks Away, you will also earn an Ark Matching Bonus from them as well.

In the diagram above, John has filled up a 2 x 4 Ark; however, Michael and Kelly have also done the same and therefore Broken Away, giving John an increased Ark Royalty Kommission. Emily has also Broken Away after filling up a 2 x 4 Ark.

Now, John has personally sponsored Fred, and therefore he would earn an Ark Matching Bonus from Fred and also the 5th, 6th and 7th levels underneath him as well, (4 levels in all).

This magically includes Emily's Breakaway Ark and as Emily's Breakaway includes Distributors on John's 6th and 7th levels, John would be entitled to earn an Ark Matching Bonus from them as well!

The possibilities are endless; in fact there is no end to where this can lead!

4) Ark Breakaway Bonus

The Ark Breakaway Bonus, available to all those Distributors who have qualified for N.E.T Team and above , as with the other areas of income, gets very exciting when you add the Magic of the Breakaway to it and build your organization wide.


In the diagram above, John has obviously Broken Away and has qualified for an Ark Breakaway Bonus of 2% as a N.E.T Team Member, in recognition of that accomplishment.

However, it’s much more exciting than that because as Distributors like Michael and Kelly Breakaway as well (as shown above), not only does John earn a 2% Ark Breakaway Bonus from his first full Ark and his Breakaway Arks as well, but he also earns a 2% Ark Breakaway Bonus on anyone in Michael or Kelly's Breakaway Arks that fall into John's first 4 levels!

Again the possibilities are endless and a great incentive to work wide as well as deep!

5) Ark Infinity Bonus

Obviously when you bring The Magic of the Breakaway Ark into play with the Ark Infinity Bonus, it stands to reason that a Distributors Bonus just gets bigger and bigger the more he or she Breaks Away or any time someone in their organization does too. Anyone, anywhere underneath a Distributor, whether they have broken away or not, would earn that person an Ark Infinity Bonus of, between 2%, 4% or 6%.

This depends on which Leadership Team the Distributor has qualified for Director, Millionaires Club or The A Team.

Whatever the case, however, one thing is for sure!

Arkworlds (m)Arketing Plan (The 2 x 4 Breakaway Ark), is one of the finest Marketing Plans ever to be devised and like any great Marketing Plan enables Distributors to be able to help as many people as possible by retailing the product and being rewarded for it and then in turn enabling those same Distributors to sponsor people into the business producing a royalty override cheque that pays out commissions and bonuses higher than any company in the world. The (M)Arketing Plan is so rewarding to everyone regardless of experience or background that it also makes it the most duplicatable marketing plan as well.

After all, duplication is everything in building a business because if one distributor sells products to 10 people he or she would end up with just 10 customers, but if that same distributor recruits 10 distributors of their own, who in turn find 10 distributors each and then finally those 100 distributors do the same, the said distributor would end up with 1110 distributors in their group and all they did was recruit 10 people.

Now if everyone had just 10 customers that would mean you would end up with 11,110 customers having their lives changed by the products. So Recruiting is the key and Retail is King but for it to work to its greatest capacity you have to have a great marketing plan and there is none better than Arkworld’s (m)Arketing Plan in the entire world!

The Magic of the Breakaway gives everyone the chance to truly earn what they are worth!

“We are not just in the business to make millions, we are in the business to help millions”


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