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Executive to A Team

Certainly, every one of the 7 positions in Arkworld is an important one when you’re on board the Ark and helping Arkworld to take better health and prosperity around the world, changing people’s lives for the better. However, Executive is the first big step and commitment that a Distributor can make on the road to becoming a leader and a future A Team Member in the company. In fact, once you have qualified as an Executive, you are well on your way to future greatness with Arkworld.

For anyone joining the company and becoming a new Distributor, Executive is the place to be!!

It’s obvious why Executive is the place to be when we look at the Arkworld’s Sliding Scale.

On the sliding scale, as shown by this diagram, once a Distributor starts retailing and moving up the chart, their discount becomes greater. However, if a Distributor achieved 500 or 600 personal volume (pv) points in sales that calendar month, at the start of the next calendar month, he or she would have to slide back down the sliding scale and start again.


Qualify as an Executive and remain at 40% indefinitely!

Two Discounts that you never go back from...

  • Once a Distributor achieves over 200 personal volume (pv) points at 25%, he or she never goes below 25% again, even when they start a new month.

  • Once a Distributor achieves 800 personal volume (pv) points at 40 % and qualifies for the Executive Position they never fall below 40% again and remain an Executive indefinitely.

If you want to earn double the money for the same job, the place to be is at the Executive position and to reach the 40% discount on the sliding scale.

For Example:
If a Distributor was to retail 100 US Dollars or Pounds of products to a customer, they would buy the products for $80.00 / £80.00, at a 20% discount and make $20.00 / £20.00 in profit. If an Executive was to retail the same $100.00 / £100.00 of products to a customer, they would buy the products for $60.00 / £60.00, at a 40% discount and make $40.00 / £40.00 retail profit.

Same job, but double the money!!

Qualifying for Executive couldn't be easier.

1) Achieve 800 personal volume (pv) points or personal sales volume in one qualifying calendar month... OR...

2) Achieve 500 total volume (tv) points in sales volume in 2 consecutive qualifying months... OR...

3) Achieve 800 total volume (tv) points in sales volume in one calendar month, with 300 of those points being unencumbered. (Personal Volume + Group Volume = Total Volume)

So when you join the ever growing Arkworld family and become a Distributor for the company, you have to ask yourself one question:

What position would I like to start working from?

20%, 25%, 30%, 35%, or 40% Executive


Let’s take a look at a few other incentives and reasons why...


1. Obviously, as well as earning 40% Retail Profit by selling the products, you get to save so much money on the products you order for your own personal use. It really is a huge difference and big saving!

2. If as an Executive you personally sponsor 2 Active Distributors underneath you and have 200 personal volume (pv) points, then you will also earn an Ark Royalty Kommission 4 levels deep.

3. With 4 personally sponsored Active Distributors and 400 personal volume (pv) points, Executives would also earn an Ark Matching Bonus as well, which would send incomes soaring.

4. Also, Executives would be able to earn these commissions and bonuses from any Breakaway Arks as well, so they can earn wide as well as deep. The possibilities are endless!! It’s the place to be to earn a serious income!

5. On top of this, Executives will receive recognition from other Distributors and the Company for their achievement.

6. Be able to take part in exclusive Executive meetings, conference calls and Executive Workshops.

7. Executives will be included in the special Arkworld information hot line, email blasts and text updates to receive promotions, events and news faster to help and assist their business.

8. They will obtain special Millionaire Leadership Training in the special corporate Executive Workshops.

9. Be able to receive special and Exclusive Business Coaching from Arkworld’s Leadership including President & Founder Mark Landon to increase their business nationally and internationally to be able to work their way up to National Expansion Team and beyond in Arkworld’s Stairway to Success.

10. They will also receive a special Executive Certificate of Achievement, personally signed by Mark Landon, (President and Founder of Arkworld) to put on their home or office wall. Something to be proud of!

To be an Executive is not only a show of commitment to the Company and your sponsor, but it is also a commitment to yourself. It also shows that you are serious about the Products, the Opportunity, the Company and of course your future!

The Executive position is the first real Leadership Step in Arkworld’s (m)Arketing Plan and once you have become an Executive you are well on your way, to becoming a future A TEAM member.


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