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Arkworld Nutrition - Free Signup!

Hey gang, Thanks for checking back into the Blog and reading this post. As most of you will be aware Lifestyle Focus has been distributing Premium Nutrition products since 2004 but nothing had ever come close to the quality of the Arkworld Nutrition range that we discovered back in 2011.

The great news is that for the next 11 days you can register as a distributor for Free! This gives you the chance to see the Arkworld business from the inside for free! Full product knowledge, distributor training and tuition on business building will be made available for all new Signups. The Lifestyle Focus International Group is a business network that spans the UK, United States and some territories in Australia. Our network has been built up from our customer base where regular customers, gym goers, competing athletes, PT's and Gym owners have all registered as Distributors to sell the products to friends, families, clients and customers. On the Gold Coast in Australia most therapists are registered Arkworld Distributors and are referring their customers to the Arkworld range in preference to prescription drugs. There is no requirement for an Arkworld Distributor to Network with others. Many Distributors are registered either to get the Arkworld products at a wholesale discount price to help with their own health challenges or to provide better support to their private customers and clients.

The Arkworld products have been used by Athletes competing at the highest levels of Sporting competition including Olympics, Paralympics, Strongman and Elite Cycling. They have consistently passed WADA testing with no issues so can be used by athletes in tested competition with confidence that they will not fail any anti-doping tests. On the right you can see Tom Gakes, a Dutch Elite Cyclist sponsored by Lifestyle Focus using the Arkworld products. Tom is also an Ambassador for Raisin Hope Charity that raises money for people affected by Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI's). As you can see from the Gallery on our Main Site we've enjoyed our time working with so many different people from various countries, sporting backgrounds and cultures. We hope to see you at an informal meeting soon so we can introduce you to this fantastic opportunity and start a whole new business adventure. Warm regards Kevin Daines Leading Arkworld Distributor:- 2439 Lifestyle Focus Contact Page

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