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Ark 2 Micro - Multi-Vitamin

We've often been asked, is Ark 2 just another Multi-Vitamin? The answer is No, it certainly isn't! You can understand this in more detail by simply looking at the way the product is designed. Firstly it's more than just a single product, although it performs on it's own to a much higher standard than any High St multi-vitamin. It's actually one half of the Ark 1 Pink Drink product. If the Ark 1 Pink Drink had featured all the ingredients contained in Ark 2 Micro as well then the human body would not of been able to absorb it all and the ingredient content would've been wasted. The ingredients are sourced from the highest quality suppliers and then checked for impurities before entering the manufacturing facility.

Secondly and continuing on the first point, there had to be a reason for having Ark 2 in the Arkworld range. It had to be more than just a Multi-Vitamin, more than just a set of ingredients that didn't fit in the Primary formulation of Ark 1. The answer? It stimulates the intestinal Villi! How does it do this? The formulation actually removes the mucus that covers the Villi in the intestine and thus allows them to become fully absorbent again. This is the real advantage of using the Ark 1 Pink Drink and the Ark 2 Micro together for your daily supplement intake. The Ark 2 formulation boosts the absorption of Ark 1 Pink Drink making it even more effective at boosting your vitality. When the Ark 1 is used for Sports it is imperative that the Ark 2 is used in the 2 pack format shown in the picture above. This guarantees the Athlete is getting the maximum benefit from the products which under exercise is 20% more stamina and 1-2% more performance. The final cherry on the cake actually comes in point three! Last but not least, point three - The Ark 2 Micro Supplement contains CoQ10. What is CoQ10? The most important enzyme used by the body in it's physiological functions. Ark 2 Micro was the first supplement to have CoQ10 in it's formulation and you can think of CoQ10 as being like a little truck in your bloodstream, delivering important nutrients to cells and taking the unwanted waste away. Why is CoQ10 so important in a health supplement? This is simply down to maintaining the physiological functions of the body that provide the foundation of the bodies immune system. When you have enough CoQ10 in your body then the bodies physiological functions are working fast and you will feel bright and sharp as the cells are receiving the nutrients and oxygen they need as fast as the body needs to supply it. If you have a heart condition, gum disease, Parkinson's or HIV you will find you have too low a level of CoQ10 and your system will struggle to maintain your levels of vitality. I hope we have covered off the fundamental focus of the Ark 2 formulation, it's importance for your health and it's use alongside the Ark 1 Pink drink to further it's support of your health or sporting prowess. If you want your own Arkworld products then you should visit our site. #ArkworldNutrition #ProteinNutrition #Ark2 #Ark2Micro #Ark1 #Ark1PinkDrink

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