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Ark 1 Pink Drink

With Arkworld's famous Ark 1 Pink Drink maintaining it's position as the most potent health tonic on the market today, it made sense to lead our run of Nutrition posts with this incredible product. Featured twice in the Lancet and the number one choice by UK GP's whereby it is recommended to patients as a daily supplement to lower high blood pressure and reduce bad cholesterol. (Note:- If you are on Heart Medication already you cannot use the Pink Drink as well. You have to use one or the other) As a daily health tonic it is taken as two drinks, one first thing in the morning and another last thing at night. It is everywhere in the body within just 20 minutes and helps improve circulation for elderly people that feel the cold.

As an aid to Weight Loss the Pink Drink can be used to stop snacking or for short periods of time, replace the smallest meals of the day. The Pre-Digested formulation that is unique to the Ark 1 product allows a unique function called 'Stomach Dumping' where the stomach sees the product as already being digested and flushes it straight into the intestine where 98% of it is absorbed. This simple delivery system also suppresses appetite which is the main way that snacking is eliminated. Due to this clever delivery system it's not possible to overdose on this product making it safe for anyone to use. The Pink Drink contains plenty of nutritional support for the body and it's physiological functions. The Vitamins and Minerals added to the Arginine/L'Arginine formulation with the amino acids in their natural condition provides the body with everything it needs to remain healthy and ward off colds. Even when you are around unhealthy people you will not get ill yourself and even if you are exposed to illness you will find the Ark 1 Pink Drink helps the body to detox it out of your system.

If you are a student and spending long periods at study you should look into using the Pink Drink to enhance mental focus to allow you to learn Women also love the Pink Drink for it's anti-aging properties. The Ark 1 formulation stimulates the Anterior pituitary gland which produces HGH in the body. As HGH is stored in the skin this simple process can help to slow the visible signs of aging from appearing in the skin. Ark 1 can be mixed up thick and then left to jellify in a dish. It can then be used to improve skin condition by rubbing it directly onto damaged areas. Well that's just a few of the health benefits of Ark 1 Pink Drink! Keep following the Blog posts and website for our continued features on this incredible product range! #Ark1 #Ark1PinkDrink #PinkDrink #Arkworld #ThePinkDrink #Shipshape #ProteinNutrition

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